“Ataurique” premiered by Taller Sonoro

The ensemble Taller Sonoro premiered “Ataurique” last Sunday, 17 October 2021 at the “Teatro del Canal” in Madrid, Spain. This new composition for alto flute, violin, cello and piano is a commission from the ensemble for its 2021–2022 concert season.

“Ataurique” invites the listener to dive into the rich complexity of the key space of Al-Andalus art: “the Qa’lat al-Hamra” — or “Red Castle” of Granada. Starting with a metaphor of the idea of water as a catalysing force, the composition delves into the various spaces of the Nasrid city, seeking dialogue with them: either through the translation of certain details —a geometric pattern, a glazed surface— or through the symbolic exploration of the room’s sonic memory. The piece also makes use of the “musical cryptogram” technique as a generating source of material, thus freely adapting the ways in which master craftsmen from Al-Andalus worked. This results in a manuscript that is written to be aurally “read”